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Academy Update

  • Martin
  • 21 Sep 2017
  • General

Surface Protections Liquid Roofing Academy projects are all really coming along, when the weather is kind to us.

These images show the seamless Liquid Roofing finish, they really do look first class. Great work by all of on-site teams.

Surface Protection Coatings Ltd are one of the largest and most experienced applicators of specialist liquid roofing membranes in the UK.

The main advantages of Liquid Roofing are:

  • Cold applied, no need for heat or flame during application
  • Premises can remain occupied throughout installation
  • Easy to install around complex detail
  • Seamless finish with no overlaps or weak areas
  • High tensile strength, allowing resistance against building movement
  •  Low odour products available for highly sensitive areas such as hospitals, schools and manufacturing plants
  • Available with single point guarantees of up to 25 years

We have offices in Yorkshire, North West and The Midlands, please get in touch for further information, advice or to discuss your requirements.