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Surface Protection, Daytona Manchester

  • Martin
  • 30 Jan 2015
  • General

Surface Protection Coatings Ltd mix business with pleasure.


Teams from across Surface Protection met for a training session in Manchester at the end of last year to discuss how we are performing and to ensure Surface Protection's customers are getting the best service possible.

Following the training session we took to the track and the competitive streaks came to the surface seeing our Quality Assured Liquid Roofing Operatives go head to head in a Grand Prix.

Daytona - Winners Podium

Well done to Danny Tomlinson who won first prize, followed very closely by Cory Eyre in 2nd place and completing the podium line up was Ben Delaney.

We won't mention who was 'Black Flagged' during the race....

All in all a productive and fun day!