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Balconies and Walkways

  • Martin
  • 4 Jan 2016
  • General

BeeversleighSurface Protection Coatings Ltd specialise in the waterproofing of balconies and walkways . We work with leading manufacturers such as Sika to offer a range of solutions to protect your balcony and walkways against the elements.

Our balcony systems offer a complete solution for your balcony requirements as well as exhibiting many key features including:

  • Decorative finishing options available
  • Skid resistant for safe access
  • Quickly and easily installed
  • Seamless finish with no weak areas

Concrete Repairs can also be completed as part of the project and as with all our liquid applied systems these are cold applied and therefore eliminate the need for the premises to be vacated whist the work is being completed.

Surface Protection's Quality Assured Contractors have also completed trials of Sika's new Sikalastic Rapid Structured Coating RA. This new product can walked on in less than 30 minutes, reducing even further the disruption to residents.

If you would like any advice or have any up coming projects you would like to discuss please contact us for further information.