Specialist Liquid Roofing Membranes


Surface Protection Coatings Limited are one of the largest and most experienced applicators of Specialist Liquid Membranes in the UK.

We specialise in the application of cold applied seamless roof membranes including full built up roof systems and also new low odour products which we apply in highly sensitive areas such as hospitals.

We are able to offer a customised programme of works to include:

  • A full comprehensive roof survey
  • Core sampling in order to provide a clear analysis of the roof structure and identify current potential damage
  • Thermal calculations in order to meet Part L Building Regulations
  • A full specification detailing the recommended solution
  • CAD drawings outlining detailed areas
The main advantages of using a liquid membrane is that they are cold applied, but there are other benefits too:

  • No need for heat or flame during application (this removes the risk of fire and allows work to be completed on a building whilst it is occupied)
  • Liquid membranes are formed on site, making them easy to install around complex details, reducing the installation time required
  • The seamless finish means there are no laps or other potentially weak areas where early failure of the roof can occur
  • Once installed, the systems achieve high tensile strength, allowing them resistance against building movement
  • High elasticity allows for greater thermal movement and resistance to erosion, cracking and other defects
  • Many systems are designed to last the lifetime of the building and come with a comprehensive single point guarantees covering materials and workmanship for 10, 15, 20 and 25 years.