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White rolling productAs Sika’s Premier QA Contractor, Surface Protection are carrying out a large liquid roofing project for a Blue Chip client in Birmingham using Sika’s Sikalastic 625, 20 year system.

Balcony - 625

Sikalastic 625 Balcony System

As Sika’s Premier Contractor, Surface Protection have been involved in carrying our trails using the all new Sikalastic 625 Balcony System.

The finish looks fantastic, and the benefits are endless.

Sikalastic 625 has many benefits like all Liquid Roofing systems, the main ones being it is Cold Applied, Seamless, Resistant, minimal disruption, and very low maintenance.

Liquid applied roofing membranes are the best way to waterproof any flat roof, balcony and gutter. Why not call Surface Protection today to discuss your options.



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Liquid Roofing – Gutters

More great pictures from our Liquid Roofing Country Mansion project, which show the gutters perfectly finished.

Liquid Roofing is key to flat roofs, as are gutters. If they are not waterproofed they will cause many issues.

This particular Roof is finished using the Sikalastic 625 system.

Speak to our experts at Surface Protection in regards to any Liquid Roofing, balcony coating and concrete repairs. Call us on 0114 288 9349.

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Seamless Liquid Coating

The recent complete project, shows a Refurbishment of Vent Stacks to a Local Shopping Centre Car Park.

Surface Protection carried out the work using the Sikalastic 625 System.

This offered a seamless Liquid Coating to various areas.

Liquid Coating is another great service which we offer, and looks great once applied.

Call for more information.



Sika Approved Contractor

Surface Protection Coatings Ltd have over 25 years experience in the installation of liquid applied roofing membranes for flat roofs.

As one of Sika’s Premier Quality Assured Liquid Roofing Contractors, we have the knowledge and expertise to assess and offer advice on which Liquid Roofing system we feel would be best suited for your business.

Here is our very own Contracts Manager Daz laying Sikalastic 625, as you can see the finish is second to none.

As Quality Assured Liquid Roofing Contractors, we are able to offer clients benefits which include flat roofing guarantees up to 25 years, technical and specification assistance, as well as application and onsite support.

Hams Hall 5

Cold Applied Liquid Roofing

Surface Protections latest completed project – Major UK Manufacturing Plant, completed using Sikalastic 625, cold applied roofing membrane.

Here are some great examples of before and after pictures of various roofs which we have completed to a very high standard.

The process of applying the cold applied liquid requires no hot works which means there are no naked flames during the application. This dramatically reduces the risk of fire and therefore increases the overall safety of the installation process.


Balcony Blog - Metrodome 2014

Balcony Coatings, Detailed works

Surface Protection Coatings specialise in the application of liquid waterproofing membranes. As well as liquid roofing we also specialise in the waterproofing of Balcony and walkways focusing highly on detail, and ensuring the perfect finish.

This Yorkshire based job, is finished using Sika 625 balcony system – DekoFlake, which is a easy to maintain, seamless system.

To discuss any upcoming Liquid Roofing or Balcony coating projects, give us a call. Our specialist Team are always happy to help and give advice when needed.

Liquid Roofing, Manchester

Liquid Roofing, Manchester

Liquid roofing systems are ideal for projects with a high level of detail such as awkward upstands, plant and pipe detail.

This project was completed on a college in Stockport, Manchester using Sikalastic 618 which is a seamless, cold applied liquid roofing membrane and therefore the work was able to be completed while the building was still occupied.

For further information on the benefits of liquid roofing visiting our Liquid Roofing tab.


Liquid Roofing Project

Work is progressing well on this vast project that Surface Protection Coatings Ltd are currently working on.

Our Quality Assured Contractors are well on their way and have 40,000m² of Sikalastic 625 to complete in 12 months.

Keep an eye on our blog and social media pages to check on their progress.