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Project in Sheff website 19.06.19

Great looking liquid roofing project in Sheffield carried out by Surface Protection. This was an old leaking felt roof with chippings.

The job consisted of removal of the chippings, a self adhesive carrier membrane with a 20 year liquid membrane finished off with highly visable anti-slip walkways.

White rolling productAs Sika’s Premier QA Contractor, Surface Protection are carrying out a large liquid roofing project for a Blue Chip client in Birmingham using Sika’s Sikalastic 625, 20 year system.

STH - Mobility

Benefits of Liquid Roofing

Surface Protection Coatings Ltd are one of the largest and most experienced applicators of specialist liquid waterproofing membranes in the UK.

The main advantages of using liquid membranes are:

  • Cold applied, no need for heat or flame during application
  • Premises can remain occupied throughout installation
  • Easy to install around complex detail
  • Seamless finish with no overlaps or weak areas
  • High tensile strength, allowing resistance against building movement
  • ¬†Low odour products available for highly sensitive areas such as hospitals, schools and manufacturing plants
  • Available with single point guarantees of up to 25 years

We have offices in Yorkshire, North West and The Midlands, please get in touch for further information, advice or to discuss your requirements.


Gutter Waterproofing

Gutters form a very important part of any roof and Surface Protection Coatings Ltd offer a service to ensure your building is fully watertight and protected.

This project was completed by our Quality Assured Contractors using Sika Decothane Gamma 20. The system is seamless and cold applied offering long term protection and ensuring the gutters were functioning to full capacity.

Surface Protection Coatings are specialist in liquid roofing membranes and our Liquid Roofing Contractors are working around the country, supported by our teams based in our Sheffield, Manchester and Midlands offices.

Please contact us to discuss any upcoming projects.


Liquid Roofing, Yorkshire

Surface Protection Coatings Ltd have just completed this project on a conference center in Harrogate.

Our Quality Assured Contractors installed the cold applied, seamless membrane; Sika Decothane Ultra 20 and finished it with anti-slip walkways to 5 roofs.

The Lanes

Liquid Roofing Project for Local Authority

Our Quality Assured (QA) Liquid Waterproofing Contractors are currently completing a project for a local authority, waterproofing over 60 roofs and balconies using Sika Sikalastic Rapid / Decothane Gamma 20.

Liquid applied waterproofing membranes are cold applied and the project will be completed with minimum disruption to the residents.

Our Services - Liquid Roofing

Liquid Roofing

Surface Protection Coatings Ltd are one of the largest and most experienced applicators of Specialist Liquid Roofing Membranes in the UK.
We specialise in the application of cold applied, seamless liquid roof membranes including full built up roof systems and also new low odour products which we have applied in highly sensitive areas such as hospitals, schools and manufacturing plants.
As Quality Assured Contractors our liquid roofing specialist contractors can complete your project offering guarantees of 10, 15, 20 and 25 years.
We have offices in the Sheffield, Manchester and Birmingham areas, please contact the office local to you to discuss your requirements.