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Balcony and Walkway Waterproofing Solution


As well as liquid roofing Surface Protection Coatings also specialise in the waterproofing of Balcony and Walkways.

As Quality Assured Contractors we our systems offer a complete solution for your balcony requirements. To discuss any upcoming projects please contact us for further information and advice.

SIkalastic Rapid

Sikalastic RapidSurface Protection Coatings Ltd have completed this project using the recently launched SIkalastic Rapid system.

The walkway treated here was a communal area and residents required access to and from their homes. The quick drying time, approximately 30 minutes, allows the work to be completed whilst causing as little disruption as possible to the residents.

The system is exceptionally hardwearing and can withstand the daily traffic of a communal area whilst offering a reliable, seamless waterproof solution.