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Cut Edge Corrosion

Surface protection are specialists in the treatment of cut edge corrosion and the refurbishment of profiled metal sheet roofs including gutter lining systems and rooflight replacement.

We are a TOR partner contractor using there cut edge protect system in Sheffield, Leeds and Manchester .

Any enquiries drop us an email at  


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Cold Applied Liquid Roofing

Surface Protections latest completed project – Major UK Manufacturing Plant, completed using Sikalastic 625, cold applied roofing membrane.

Here are some great examples of before and after pictures of various roofs which we have completed to a very high standard.

The process of applying the cold applied liquid requires no hot works which means there are no naked flames during the application. This dramatically reduces the risk of fire and therefore increases the overall safety of the installation process.


Liquid Roofing, Manchester

Liquid Roofing, Manchester

Liquid roofing systems are ideal for projects with a high level of detail such as awkward upstands, plant and pipe detail.

This project was completed on a college in Stockport, Manchester using Sikalastic 618 which is a seamless, cold applied liquid roofing membrane and therefore the work was able to be completed while the building was still occupied.

For further information on the benefits of liquid roofing visiting our Liquid Roofing tab.

Sudden Resource Centre

Liquid Roofing Profiled Metal Sheet

Liquid, seamless waterproof membranes offer an ideal solution for profiled metal sheet roofs.

Our system incorporates reinforcement at potential weak points ensuring the roof can move under wind uplift and still maintain water tightness.

We have offices in Sheffield, Manchester and Birmingham, please contact us for further information or to arrange a site survey.

STH - Mobility

Benefits of Liquid Roofing

Surface Protection Coatings Ltd are one of the largest and most experienced applicators of specialist liquid waterproofing membranes in the UK.

The main advantages of using liquid membranes are:

  • Cold applied, no need for heat or flame during application
  • Premises can remain occupied throughout installation
  • Easy to install around complex detail
  • Seamless finish with no overlaps or weak areas
  • High tensile strength, allowing resistance against building movement
  •  Low odour products available for highly sensitive areas such as hospitals, schools and manufacturing plants
  • Available with single point guarantees of up to 25 years

We have offices in Yorkshire, North West and The Midlands, please get in touch for further information, advice or to discuss your requirements.

Orgreave Crescent

Flat Roof Waterproofing, Sheffield

Our Quality Assured (QA) Contractors have completed this project over an office in Sheffield.

The occupants were experiencing water ingress from around the rooflight and upstand areas. Liquid roofing is ideal for making tricky areas such as these watertight. As it is cold applied we completed the works whilst the building was still occupied causing no disruption to the occupants. The system is completely seamless with no overlaps or potential weak areas that would fail again.

For further information or to discuss any issues you may be experiencing please contact any of our offices based in Sheffield, Manchester and Birmingham.


STH Carpark

Car Park Decking Systems

In addition to liquid roofing solutions Surface Protection Coatings Ltd also offer Car Park Decking Systems.

Our qualified and experienced contractors are able to repair existing damaged surfaces or install complete car park decks.

This project was completed for a client in Sheffield repairing an extremely busy city centre car park. All works were completed throughout the night to avoid closure of the car park and loss of business.

With offices in Sheffield, Manchester and Birmingham we cover a large area of the country. Please give us a call to discuss your liquid waterproofing requirements.

P&G Gutters

Liquid Roofing, Gutters

Gutters form a very important part of any roof and if they are not waterproofed they can cause major problems.

As part of the packages we offer Surface Protection Coatings Ltd can protect your gutters with systems that offer up to a 25 year guarantee and works can be completed as a full roof refurbishment or as a stand alone project.

This project was completed recently for a large manufacturing plant in Manchester ensuring the building was protected and with no disruption to the works below.

Yorkshire Bank Dewsbury

Liquid Roofing, Yorkshire

Surface Protection Coatings Ltd have recently completed this project for a client in Yorkshire.

The system includes 130mm insulation and a Sika Omega 15 Decothane System. The project was completed by our Quality Assured (QA) Contractors and therefore is backed by a 15 year guarantee.

If you would like to discuss any upcoming projects please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have offices in Sheffield, Manchester and Birmingham.

Our Services - Resin Flooring

Surface Protection Resin Flooring

Surface Protection Coatings Ltd are specialists in the application of liquid waterproofing membranes.

Our experience in flooring systems contributes to the full package offered by Surface Protection.

All our resin flooring systems offer:

  • High chemical resistance from many acids, alkali’s and cleaning agents
  • Anti-slip, even when wet
  • Extremely hygienic for sensitive areas such as hospitals and manufacturing plants
  • Can be pressure washed and steam cleaned

We have completed many projects throughout the country and have offices in Sheffield, Birmingham and Manchester. Please contact the office local to you to discuss any upcoming liquid waterproofing projects.